Are you looking for something a little different. We do tintype portrait events. We can do a private event at your house or a public event at your place of business. Tintypes are one of the original photographic processes invented in 1851. We still do it the same way it has been done from the start. 

We have done events a couple different ways. We can bring our 25ft. school bus to you and everything is done on the bus, from taking the photo to developing it inside the buses darkroom. We can also set up inside of your home or business. All we need is a little electricity and some water. 

For hosting an event you will receive $150 credit towards your tintype portraits. Please call or email for any questions. We are always open to new ideas.

How long does a portrait take?

It takes around 30.


How much does a portrait cost?

We offer two sizes; a 4x5 is $60, an 8x10 is $150.


How many people can be photographed at once?

Due to size restrictions in our studio, we can shoot up to 2 people on the 5x7 plate, and up to 3 people on the 8x10 plate.


Is this a one-shot kind of deal?

Fortunately, no. We'll be sure to develop the plate in front of you. If you would like to make changes, let the photographer know and we will re shoot at no cost.


Is there a digital copy?



What should I wear?

Anything! Feel free to dress up, or down. Patterns and textures always look great. Feel free to bring small props, hats, jewelry etc. Tintypes can be very high contrast - so avoid solid white or solid black where possible!


Can I order reprints?



There are streaks and marks on my photograph, is this normal?

Yes. Tintypes are a handmade image, and will contain all kinds of artifacts, ranging from fingerprints, to dust and scratches, or blemishes in the varnish. If any of these detract from the image, let us know before we finish the photograph, and we can re shoot at no cost.